Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, often shortened to Salt Lake , is the capital and the most populous municipality of the U.S. state of Utah. With an estimated population of 190,884 in 2014, the city lies at the core of the Salt Lake City metropolitan area, which has a total population of 1,153,340 (2014 estimate). Salt Lake City is further situated within a larger metropolis known as the Salt Lake City-Ogden-Provo Combined Statistical Area. This region is a corridor of contiguous urban and suburban development stretched along an approximately 120-mile (190 km) segment of the Wasatch Front It is one of only two major urban areas in the Great Basin (the other is Reno, Nevada), and the largest in the Intermountain West.

As the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi River and the largest salt water lake in the western hemisphere, the Great Salt Lake is perhaps the best known geologic feature in the area. The city even takes its name from the lake – originally it was Great Salt Lake City, but the „Great“ was dropped from the name in 1868. The lake has a rich history, interesting features, plays an important role in the ecosystem and provides abundant recreational opportunities.

The Great Salt Lake is the remnant of Lake Bonneville, an enormous prehistoric lake that covered a large portion of western Utah. If you look around the Salt Lake Valley, you can see remnants of the shoreline of Lake Bonneville as terraces on the mountainsides. You can even hike or bike along that ancient shoreline if you follow the Bonneville Shoreline trail.
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