Beograd-New York

Year of travel: 2014

Agency experience: Positive

Professionalism, almost always available for conversation, quick answers.

Location: Bolton Landing, New York

Experience finding an extra job: Positive

This is a small tourist town on the shores of the lake. Another job is very easy to find, and since it is a small town, everything is very close. The climate is almost like in Serbia.

Job: housekeeping, twin Bay Village

Employer experience: Negative

Hourly rate: $ 8.5 Number of hours per week: 30-35 Average tips: $ 100 / week

Description of the employer: The job as a job is not hard and it is good that you can get a good tip, so the job position itself received a positive assessment. The negative grade goes to the employer and I advise the agency not to send students there.