Year of travel: 2014

Agency experience: Positive

I am very satisfied with the cooperation with the agency, I always received all the necessary information on time from of course kind and helpful ladies. All praise and of course I will stay true to them for the next year.

Location: Rattlesnake Island, Ohio

Experience finding an extra job: Neutral

Several jobs can be done on the island, but even with one hourly schedule, there are sometimes more than 14 hours a day in the season.

Job: server and bartender and boutique salesman, Rattlesnake island club

Employer experience: Positive

Hourly rate: indefinite Number of hours per week: up to 80 Average tips: up to $ 250 per week

Employer description: The job was interesting, we changed positions and we were always able to learn something new. In July and August, we all had a lot of hours due to the crowds and high attendance.