The agency is great, the people I worked with are always kind, always available and maximally meet! I definitely recommend them!

Branson is a small place, unfortunately without any public transport, and the terrain is very strange, there are ups and downs everywhere, so it is inconvenient to go anywhere on foot, and there are almost no pedestrians anywhere, and therefore no sidewalks on the streets. There are a lot of theaters, and a lot of attractions that can be visited, although I haven’t visited them much. Another job can be found relatively easily.

The hotel is great, the people who work there too! Housekeeping is not easy, especially since it takes a certain amount of speed to get everything on time, and it honestly took me 3 months to start finishing my rooms on time, even though we students almost always got the least number of rooms. However, the manager was very happy because they don’t expect anything more from the students, and most of them started from housekeeping, so everyone knows what it looks like.

I worked in laundry when they had a surplus of people in housekeeping, it’s not overly difficult, but you’re always cluttered with towels and bedding, and I worked 2 days a week in Cabana, something like fast food at the hotel pool. It’s great there, it’s always too hot, but different people come, everyone wants to hear something about you and the program, and everyone has fun trying to say our names. It’s not hard work, there aren’t a lot of items on the menu and everything is mostly already prepared so no food skills are required, and the manager is a great, probably everyone’s favorite person at the hotel.