Beograd-Rhode Island

Year of travel: 2015

Agency experience: Positive

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Location: Block Island, Rhode Island

Experience finding an extra job: Positive

Although the island is small, there are huge opportunities to find another job. I found it in a restaurant after a week and stayed there to work until the end of the season. The climate is excellent, in July and August it will be around 30 degrees. As for the nightlife there are several pubs for going out. The locals are wonderful people. It is very interesting for them to meet us. Socializing is great, both with our people and with people from other countries. When you have a day off, if you are not already doing other work, use that day to tour the island and not to sleep. Meet as many people as possible, don’t spend time exclusively with ours. People who live on the island know a lot about him and it can happen that they take you everywhere, like me. I visited some places on the island that few people visited who were there.

Business: Housekeeping, the 1661 Inn

Employer experience: Positive

Hourly rate: $ 9 Hours per week: 36 Average tip: $ 20-40

Employer description: I got two buildings and my job was to maintain them. I had 6 rooms and 4 suites. The schedule is good, there is a tip, but everything depends on the number of rooms that are occupied.