Year of travel: 2009

Agency experience: Positive

The agency is great, very up to date. I have to praise Ljilja because I got a job in April last season. Although I knew little English, I was found a job in Park City at $ 11 an hour.

Location: Park City, Utah

Experience finding an extra job: Positive

One great adventure that gave a great impetus to the life of me and my entire team. For the second year in a row, Iโ€™m going to Park City, Utah. Park City is a small tourist town 20 minutes from Salt Lake City, a great place, very high hours, it’s a little harder to find accommodation but when found the prices are decent. Employers at their first job at the Hilton hotel were casual, it’s all a matter of agreement, of course they take care of whether it’s late, that you have a clean uniform (they pay special attention to that). It is very easy to find another job, with very good hourly rates over $ 11. After the end of the season, Utah as a state is in a good place because wherever you travel, airline tickets are cheap. I went to Miami for $ 100, to New York for $ 150, and to Las Vegas by car you need a 7-hour drive, a car rental will cost you about $ 30 a day. Accommodation in Vegas is very cheap, you will see everything for yourself.

Job: Prepcook, Waldorf Astoria

Employer experience: Positive

Hourly rate: $ 12 Number of hours per week: 60 Average tips (per week): $ 100

Employer description: Everything was great.