Year of travel: 2015

Agency experience: Positive

There is no better agency. Through the organization, until I went to America, everything was flawless. Before leaving, we were explained in detail the conditions, options and all possible information when we got there.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

Experience finding an extra job: Positive

I was in Chicago. As you know, it is the second largest Serbian city in a row. I enjoyed it, I met a lot of friends, both our people and Americans. Americans are a very pleasant people and Chicago is one of the bigger cities where life is very accessible. It is not that expensive and the earning opportunities are very large. Warmly recommend. Lots of fun and good fun.

Job: North, The playbook

Employer experience: Positive

Hourly rate: $ 4.95 Number of hours per week: 60 Average tip: $ 500 per day

Employer description: I worked as a server in a restaurant-club. You literally live off a tip that is very big. You work a lot but it is worth a lot if you are a good worker. Server is like a waiter in Serbia and the earning opportunities are very great. For those who are more communicative, this is a job that is great and will bring you a lot of fun. ๐Ÿ™‚