Year of travel: 2014

Agency experience: Positive

Since I applied for the program later than most people (in May), the girls from the agency really came out to meet me, found a job in a very short period of time and were at my service for any questions I had.

Location: Ocean City, Maryland

Experience finding an extra job: Neutral

Ocean City is a relatively small, family-run, tourist destination, where families come on vacation. There are plenty of restaurants, hotels, bars and discos. Also, there are plenty of students coming from Europe to work over the summer. The beach is sandy, the ocean is great for swimming.

Job: Usual positions in a small restaurant – hostess, baser, server, cashier sve (all except kitchen), On Bay Seafood

Employer experience: Positive

Hourly rate: $ 7.25 Number of hours per week: 40 Average tip: $ 80

Employer description: I found a job on my own, and it was ultimately the only job I did. The restaurant is smaller, has 30 tables. I worked as a baser (cleaning tables) and a hostess (finding people tables and setting them up for them) in the beginning. As the season progressed, I also worked at the cash register (guests order their meals at the cash register, then go to the table assigned to them, and the servers bring them food). Just before the end of the season, when there were fewer employees left, I also worked as a server. They just didn’t let me into the kitchen, and I don’t blame them either. The hourly rate is minimal everywhere in OC.