Beograd-Block Island, RI

Year of travel: 2013

Agency experience: Positive

Great team of people, friendly approach, always available when it comes to helping students.

Location: Block Island, Rhode Island

Experience finding an extra job: Positive

A small place so don’t expect a lot of clubs, but that’s why there are a large number of students from different countries so it’s not boring. As for another job to be found, almost everyone did two jobs. Who does not like big cities, a very good destination.

Job: kitchen assistant, Harborside Inn

Employer experience: Positive

Hourly rate: $ 9 Number of hours per week: 45

Employer description: I worked in the kitchen. It is correct when it comes to earnings, always on time. Don’t work in the kitchen unless you have at least a little experience. All in all, a pleasant place to work.