Beograd-New York

Year of travel: 2015

Agency experience: Positive

And when I got fired, both the Serbian and American agencies were with me and helped me find a new job.

Location: Bolton Landing, New York

Experience finding an extra job: Neutral

Since the season starts, I can freely say July 1st, although they officially say it starts earlier, the real work is from July 1st to September 7th (until the car show). Finding additional work in the pre-season was very difficult, because there is simply not enough work. Only at the beginning of the season (July 1), the situation changes, and then it is relatively easy to find a job, you just need to be persistent and unpretentious enough.

Job: Housekeeper, Twin Bay Village

Employer experience: Negative

Hourly rate: $ 8.75 Number of hours per week: 35

Employer description: I don’t have a habit of talking badly about other people, but my employer is not a great humanist, in fact he is not human at all. And to prevent other students from going to work at TWIN BAY VILLAGE, I APPEAL, NOT TO WORK AT TWIN BAY VILLAGE. IF ANYONE ACCIDENTALLY THINKS, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME, OR ALL OTHER STUDENTS WHO HAVE HAD THE ACCIDENT TO WORK THERE. WE WILL BE HAPPY TO SHARE ALL THE NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES, BECAUSE THE POSITIVE IS ALMOST NOT EXISTING.