Boothbay Harbor

The agency is quite correct. Always available to help and provide all necessary information.

I am thrilled with the place. I expected much worse since I knew that the place was small, touristy (although I did not believe that a lot of tourists came), and I was the only one from Serbia there. The place has a small population, it is located on the bay, but tourists flood it in summer.

And those with deeper pockets and yachts. People are amazing, kind, cordial, mostly always happy and always ready to help. Another job can be found but you need to make an effort. It took me 3 weeks to find another job because the employers always said that the season had not started yet and currently they did not need new workers (end of May, beginning of June). But when I finally found another job, I couldn’t believe what kind of offer I got.

Hourly rate: $ 9 Number of hours per week: 36 Average tip: $ 10 I originally went to the position of housekeeper at the Beach Come Hotel. The hourly rate was $ 9 + tips. Accommodation was free. The owner is originally from Ukraine and tries to employ students from that region. So all the other students there were from Moldova and Romania. The only bad thing was that everyone spoke Romanian, or possibly Russian so I was pretty isolated. But my real experience in the US starts with an offer for another job. While looking for another job, I received an offer to work as an accountant for 3 hotels and restaurants (due to the work experience I had in Serbia). At that time, I couldn’t believe what an opportunity I got. The only problem was that I had to work in bookkeeping the morning shift, which I was already doing at the hotel, so I mostly left my original job and if they still remained my formal sponsors and I went to help them only sometimes when they had crowd. The experience in bookkeeping was amazing, they gave me various tasks and jobs, some even quite responsible, I had the opportunity to meet and cooperate with many people, hotels, banks. The hourly rate was $ 10, the overtime $ 15. Since I still had free time in the afternoon, I found another job in a shoe store (Log Cabin shoe store). The hourly rate is also $ 10. Also a nice experience, many people from different parts of America meet. As an accountant I worked at the Tugboat Inn Hotel and Restaurant which is part of the Lafayette hotel chain of which three hotels had in my place. Our hotel did the bookkeeping work for all three hotels. On average, I had about 40 hours a week at my first job and about 36 hours at my second job. When they told me in the shoe store in September that they were canceling the afternoon shift and that I would no longer need them, at the first job they tried to give me more work and pay for overtime work. So I sometimes worked there in the kitchen and doing laundry. Then I had over 70h a week.