Estes Park

Overall my experience was positive. Of course, there were some problems, but the way they solved them (quickly and efficiently) is enough for me to be satisfied.

Nice and very quiet place, full of wonderful people. Everyone was very kind, the atmosphere was very pleasant and everything makes you feel at home. On the other hand, some find it too quiet, due to the lack of nightlife and other things that cannot be done other than walking.

Employers were very fair, there were never any problems with salaries or anything, but they were often very strict. For summer work, my opinion is that the conditions are not very satisfactory, the managers are too strict, there are many rules that make you feel too scared. All in all, my experience is neutral, aside from everything negative, they were always fair, which is the most important thing for an employer.

My extra job was working at a local coffee shop, Coffee on the Rocks, it’s the nicest place I’ve worked, and the owner is the nicest man I’ve ever met.