Paying the program through a tax refund – If you were a participant in the program last year and paid the tax properly and you want to participate in the program again this year, this is the right option for you! If you opt for any program on offer and initiate a tax refund through us, you will be able to use those funds to pay for the program without waiting. You do not pay anything in advance, you do not spend your savings, and you can enter the process immediately. If the funds from the tax refund exceed the amount of program costs, the difference is paid to you after receiving the funds. PROCESS: The student applies for the program and pays the application costs for the program, the advance and the costs of the tax refund service. Upon receipt, it brings ALL the necessary documentation for tax refund. The rest of the program is paid only after the tax refund and not later than May 1, 2021.

Financial Support Program – This program allows students who are in the WORK & TRAVEL program to defer part of the payment until they return to Serbia. Students who meet the requirements and are admitted to the program are granted a short-term loan of $ 300 of program costs, the return of which is realized only after returning to Serbia. In this way, students can save the part they intended for the program. How to apply? During the application, you will be asked if you want to apply for this type of financing. You will need to submit a personal bill of exchange and sign the bill of exchange approval. The number of approvals is limited. THIS FINANCIAL RELIEF IS VALID EXCLUSIVELY FOR THE FULL AND LIFEGUARD PROGRAM!!

Repayment of the program in 12 installments without interest – In cooperation with the bank, we refer future candidates to an informative interview, which they go to accompanied by their parents. If the parents are not indebted, there is a possibility that they will be granted a credit card and the right to use a sum of money of as much as 4 times the amount of their salary. After receiving that card, parents are obliged to come to us, pull out the card, repay the program and, according to precisely determined instructions they receive from the bank, divide this amount into 12 monthly installments. The refund of this money is WITHOUT INTEREST. They have a cost of 1000.00 RSD to divide the amount into 12 installments. Monthly card maintenance is 80.00 RSD.

Tourist loan – Due to the excellent cooperation with one of the leading banks in our market, we have provided you with financial support in paying for the program with minimal initial costs. The maximum amount is 600,000.00 RSD. To them, our clients are in the first place, so the funds are approved in a record short period of time. There are no changes in conditions, no increase in installments, no additional costs – the installment is fixed, the same from the first to the last month!

Example of financing:

– Approved amount: RSD 100,000.00

– Initial one-time costs: RSD 5,000.00

– Monthly installment: 100 000/12 = 8 333, 33 RSD

– Repayment period: 12 months

For more details, contact us to connect you with a financial advisor!

Loan for 120 months with the possibility of early repayment – Usually when a student, as a person without employment and regular income,  hears what are the initial costs of the SWT program, airfare, sighting costs…..initially withdraws from the program. That has come to an end. In cooperation with one of the leading banks in our market, we managed to reduce the cost of the SWT program to 15 EUR per month – monthly membership fee in the local gym 🙂 Call us and inquire about this possibility.

Interest-free loan for 12 months – In cooperation with the bank there is a possibility to provide a dedicated loan for work and travel programs. We will pay interest for you and it is up to you to repay the loan on time. CALL, don’t wait! America has never been closer!