South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is full of vibrant culture, beautiful beaches, expert-caliber golf courses and so much more. Southern hospitality is ingrained in every city, small town and front porch. Locals welcome tourists with open arms and a glass of sweet tea. The views along the coast are breathtaking — from Myrtle Beach to Hilton Head, the soft sand and ocean waves reveal little slices of Southern paradise. With more than 200 miles of sunny beaches and coastal communities packed with top-notch dining, entertainment and Southern hospitality, South Carolina is the perfect place for romantic getaways or family-friendly vacations. Source:



Each place you visit in Cherokee pulses with the stories and significance of a people whose roots run deep and whose ancient wisdom is fascinating to uncover. Nestled in the lush landscapes of Western North Carolina, Cherokee invites you to smell the wood smoke and open your ears. If you listen closely, maybe you can hear the chanting of the little Nunnehi people of the mountain peaks. Cherokee hosts a variety of annual cultural festivals throughout the year where you can share in the celebration of colorful customs and learn about ancient beginnings. Source:






South Carolina



Business type:

Fast food restaurant/ Burger king





Cashier/Sandwich maker

Primarily working as a fast food cashier. Specific job duties for team members vary day-to-day. Responsibilities may include meeting and greeting customers, taking food and drink orders, preparing food and drink orders, answering questions about menu, policy, and services. Burger King team members also assume the responsibility of maintaining a cleanly work environment.
Number of students: 10
Accomodation: 75-100 per week

Gender: female

Salary: $8.00

Overtime: NO

Start date: 05/01/2017 - 06/01/2017

End date: 09/01/2017 - 09/30/2017

Estimated h/week: 35 - 40

Must to understand and speak English and stay 4 months in total.