Year of travel: 2014

Agency experience: Positive

All praise for the agency, everything is in the best order, I would recommend it to everyone!!!

Location: Glenview, Illinois

Experience finding an extra job: Neutral

There is the possibility of another job, however in such a big city no one pays attention to students from abroad. The locals are cultured, they will help if they are able, while I have no words of praise for the Serbs in Chicago. I would recommend to all students to reduce contacts with Serbs, since they still went to get to know a different culture than their own… for all students who stay in Chicago during the summer, I would recommend to buy a bicycle, as they have the opportunity to put them in subways, buses if bad weather, and thus will avoid unnecessary car costs, possible fines (parking in Chicago is terrible) and will improve fitness.

Job: Banquet server, The Glen Club

Employer experience: Neutral

Hourly rate: $ 8.25 Hours per week: 30 Average tip: $ 5 / h

Employer description: The good sides are that they will help you if you have any questions or dilemmas, they will meet you if you ask them, but for all this they will make the most of you.